Triple whammy next week?

Our rather odd looking Chancellor (chap with the eye brows that don’t match his hair!) will present his Budget next week and is expected to raise tobacco taxes yet again. This could only be because the Government coffers are bare and they are trying to claw back money from wherever the possibly can.

Do they really have justification to rip off the smoker yet again? I say “no”, because we have near zero inflation and because we are all tired of being ripped off in this country by a Government who has spent all its time squandering until there is nothing left to squander.

To add to the misery of the smoker, there are two other price increases looming next week or soon after…. manufacturers annual increases and increases due to the collapse in Sterling’s value by 25% against the Euro and the Dollar.

So what’s the good news? well the good news is that I have filled my shops and our offices with the most enormous quantity of premium English Market Selection Havanas as well as fabulous accessories. But I strongly suggest you order now, pre budget and other increases so you take advantage of current pricing. When the pre budget stocks are gone… they’re gone..

More retrofit works start at our London humidor on Tuesday to double the size and increase client locker space as well…. can’t wait, but wonder how soon we will out grow it again?!

I’m heading back from the sunshine of Israel after the weekend to the rain of London )-: Great timing as I have almost run out of cigars ! Its been a fabulous trip and lovely to meet up with old clients and make a lot of new friends too.

OK must head for the deckchair and my morning La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos.

Have a great weekend

Shalom le hitraot