Pre Xmas herf

Following an 11 year tradition our pre Xmas herf was held at Boisdale of Belgravia,our current favourite hangout 🙂 

Dinner at 7.30 ( quite splendid although Zaff was sternly reprimanded for walking in with a lit cigar!) …all finished by 8.30 and smokes on the terrace for some hours afterwards 🙂 with some excellent single malt. 

Spotted Zoe Ball and husband Fat Boy Slim herfing some big cigars on the terrace whilst we enjoyed our usual staples…BBF’s P2’s and Monte 2’s 

Chris was……Chris ! 

Gordon was power herfing as ever,Craig was trying to keep up (did a good job) Wilkes was keeping his friend Yulia posing for photos ( only 22 and herfing Trinidad robusto extras!) and Zaff was ……talking ! 

Next planned herf Burns night

Peaceful puffing