Busy busy busy!

It’s been one of those weeks… busier than busy :-)I arrived back from Havana on Monday having herfed around 6 robustos and piramides a day for the previous 5 days and thought, maybe I’ll give it a break for a while. Strangely, that “while” only lasted till after lunch when “Rum ‘o’ Clock arrived and of course a cigar had to accompany a tumbler of HC15 (one ice cube only – thank you). Suitably revived I had around 500 emails to catch up on which is not bad considering we receive an average of 1200 emails a day. Thank goodness for wifi in Havanas Nacional Hotel   

I am grateful to those awfully nice chaps at HSBC for inviting me to a splendid evening at One Whitehall Place on Tuesday. Dinner was very good indeed, the architecture of the room was incredibly impressive and the guest speaker was Tim Waterstone of Waterstones Book store and Daisy & Tom fame. Tims talk was truly inspirational and it was a pleasure to be on the same table with him.

Sadly no smoking at the dinner but I managed a Ramon belicosos on the drive home 🙂
Thursday evening I attended a cigar auction held by my friend Adrian Lesley of Cigars Unlimited. Adrian has a lovely cigar store in Fulham that is highly recommended (and his Mojitos are pretty good too! thank you Adrian). The auction included some exceptionally rare Dunhill and Davidoff cigars from a private collection. C.Gars Ltd were successful in purchasing around 35 of the available 60 Lots. Simon Chase of Hunters and Frankau did an excellent job as auctioneer and the auction was well attended with prices in line with expectation if a tad low.
Have to run, off to the vet for a follow up with Cohiba the cat who has finally been cured of his smoking allergy thank goodness. Now if I can just wean him off the rum….

Have a great weekend
Peaceful puffing