Does life get much better??

Here I am in a bar,round the pool in 100 F heat of Las Vegas smoking a BBF with my friend George asking myself if life gets much better?


Well that’s a tough one as we just had dinner last night in David Burke’s (celebrity chef) restaurant in the Venetian Hotel… modern American cuisine at its best if somewhat over the top service.


After dinner we saw Jersey Boys at the Palazzo Hotel. Highly recommended (assuming you like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons music ,which I do) and it was great to see smoking on stage, common sense has prevailed on stage here whereas it seems to be an ongoing issue on the UK stage.


I’ve been to Vegas quite a few times,in fact I came here as an 11 year old kid with my folks a long time ago so I have certainly seen some changes over the years.Smoking wise,the main change is that whilst you can still smoke cigars on the casino floor and in the bars,it seems that just about every restaurant went no smoking 18 months ago. Of course if you are under 21 you can’t get into the bars…in other words,don’t bring your kids as Vegas is a Disneyworld… for adults.


So far so good at the tables,Karyns been shooting dice like one of the boys and winning 🙂 whilst losing her winnings on the roulette tables! we’re even so we may quit at this stage!


I managed to lose my gold bracelet and only realised it halfway through a gondola ride at the Venetian ( very funny being serenaded by an Italian living in LV!) but security at the Venetian found it and handed it to lost and found… not sure I would have been that lucky in London!


I’m in Vegas for the best cigar trade show on this planet, “RTDA” sourcing new products for my retail stores or existing ranges at better prices than before. It’s great to offer products in the UK that are generally only found in the USA. I reckon C.Gars Ltd probably sells more humidors that anyone else in the UK ( possibly than everyone else) and we have always prided ourselves on having the perfect humidor to suit anyone’s taste and budget.


Bumped into old friend Marc Aub from Palio (cutters) and had yet another BBF at La Scena bar in the Venetian.If you don’t already use a Palio… you should do as they are probably the sharpest and most precise cutter on the market as well as stylish and great value.


The registration starts today and the show tomorrow, so a bit more time today for some fun in the sun or at least a pina colada or two and some P2’s with my herf pal Barry from LA


I hear there’s a good CAO party going down on Monday evening so I’ll check it out and blog if it was fun:-)


Peaceful puffing