Boisdale of Bishopsgate

One of my regular cigar friendly hang outs has for many years been Boisdale of Bishopsgate.


Great food,wine list and service and pre smoking ban….very cigar friendly.


Perfect for meeting clients in the City but what now with the smoking ban? well it may not be as good as before the ban but Boisdale have very cleverly created a small outdoor smoking area. Complete with awning ( to stay dry) and heaters. Not as comfortable at the fabulous smoking terrace at the Belgravia Boisdale but nonetheless a great place to have a smoke and very highly recommended.



I met with clients at Boisdale yesterday and enjoyed a couple of Hoyo Piramides (limited edition) which had matured into a splendid smoking experience.


Needless to say the smoking area was very busy indeed.


Hunters and Frankau advise that there are over 400 locations for outdoor smoking already with more springing up all the time.Email me if you would like the list


Peaceful puffing:-)