Por Larranaga Magnifico

The cigar that has impressed me more than any in the last year has to be the Por Larranaga Magnificos.


It’s unique in so many ways and you may have well read the full story already http://www.cgarsltd.co.uk/document.php?id=porlarranagamagnifico.htm


The size for me at least, is quite perfect,as is the appearance,construction and most important the blend.


The blend reminds me of Davidoff Dom Perignon  in the 1980’s but with perhaps just a little more oooomph!


The slide lid cabinets are simple but the bands are elegant beyond compare.


I have smoked quite a few of these delightful cigars but decided to do a full days taste testing yesterday which started at around 10 in the morning and ended around midnight. I tested 6 cigars from 6 different boxes to see how consistent the blend was ( all in a days work of course!) and can very happily ( if not smokily!) confirm that each cigars blending was absolutely identical….incredible consistency and each cigar had a perfect draw.


These cigars are young and if I would have a criticism it is that they are fresh and will improve tremendously with time and patience.They will need another year in the humidor to really show their complexity but the balance is good and I believe this will become one of the greatest Havanas of all times.


1400 odd boxes made only which is a tiny production and I am guessing they are more or less sold out in the UK. already.I certainly can’t remember the last time a limited edition was made exclusively for the UK market so my experience of the vintage cigar market suggests that this could become one hell of a collectible cigar ….rather fast 🙂


In fact the Por Larranaga Magnum which this cigar was modelled on is one of the most collectible and valuable Havanas in the world.It would not surprise me if the Magnificos goes the same way.


Now if I could just stay away from smoking any more for a year or more…………..:-)


Peaceful puffing from rainy London.