The Prime of New York :-)

Continuing my quest to smoke,eat and drink my way through New York :-),I spent the afternoon herfing in Little Italy at Florios Grill and Cigar Bar ( 192 Grand Street NY NY 10013 )


Florios is something out of the Sopranos !….and very cool it is too.Super friendly service,very nice menu and cigar friendly inside and out. If you’re in the Big Apple….visiting Florios is an absolute must


4 hours and 3 cigars later….time to drop into The Carnegie Club for my early evening drink and smoke with friends:-)


…. and now for dinner, Prime Grill is probably the premier kosher restaurant in New York and rightly so.The restaurant is a good size and was absolutely packed full,in fact there was a queue of around 20 people as well! First rate menu and service Check it out on this link


Yes and I spotted cigar smokers dining in the outside dining area as well 🙂 G-d bless America !


Well that’s all from New York… I’ve chomped my way through The Big Apple for the last week at an average $2.05 to the £1 and had a great time herfing with many good friends…. thanks to all I met up with and for those I did not see on this trip,I look forward to catching up on my next trip.


Peaceful puffing