Upmann 2’s…yumster!

…sadly another delay in the launch of the new regional edition Por Larranaga Magnificos.
Now pushed back to 1st November but I do promise they will be worth the wait.
Hoping to smoke a Magnificos with Simon Chase of Hunters and Frankau when he comes to my office in the next few days to have a look at some of my vintage Havanas as I hope to assist in a small way in the choice of the next regional edition for the UK market.
To dull my sadness over this latest delay I zipped over to my La Casa del Habano in Hamburg to smoke some fantastic 2007 H Upmann no.2’s ( red band now) and it was not a let down.Best blending in years for this cigar…smoked 3 back to back whilst herfing with my partner Christoph,smoking buddy Zaff,Trent and Brian from Canada and a few of our local regular lunchtime smokers.
Unlike the UK….Germany and Hamburg in particular is very cigar friendly 🙂
The cigars were complimented with some splendid Edmundo Dantes 15 year old Cuban rum ( only 3000 bottles made ….2 less available now!) highly recommended 🙂
Peaceful puffing 🙂