Partagas dinner

Just back from Havana ( again !) ….weather was awful ( well better than London which is not too difficult!) food fairly dire….rum,cigars,and company however were first rate.

Popped over for the weekend for the annual Partagas Festival to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the La Casa del Habano shop at the Partagas factory.

The dinner was at the Hotel Nacional which was handy as that’s where I stay and was really quite an event…loads of specially banded cigars handed out,pretty good food and wine/rum as well as an auction of some special humidors.

I was handed an award and called up on stage three times (!)…still not certain exactly why but it was cool to be photographed next to Valerio Cornale ( Cayman Islands La Casa del Habanos) and Rolf Spring ( Geneva La Casa del Habano,does that man ever smile?!)…of course I was representing Hamburg La Casa del Habanos owned by C.Gars Ltd and my dear friend Christoph Wolters.

Full report and photos to follow as soon as I have got over jet lag and 2000 email backlog )-: