Lunch at the Churchill with Simon and Ana :-)

I had the pleasure of welcoming Simon Chase and Ana Lopez from Hunters and Frankau to our London premises today…they looked impressed with our refurbished humidor:-)

We had coffee ( Cubita of course) and smoked Henry Clay Diamontinos ( glass tubed) that we dated from late 1940’s/early 1950’s ! They were a truly delightful smoke with “tingle of the tongue” quality.Great draw,sweet flavour and medium strength and a smooth colrado maduro wrapper.I was surprised that such an old cigar reteianed so much flavour.I suspect the glass tube worked as an excellent flavour vacuum.

We moved on to The Churchill cigar bar and divan on Portman Square for lunch and Siglo VI’s and a chat about the cigar business in general.

I was pleased to hear that the long awaited arrival of Cohiba piramides L.E. Maduro would finally be with us very early next week.Packed in splendid presentation boxes of 10 cigars with a delicious looking dark and oily 2 year aged wrapper.

Simon mentioned that quantity on the first batch to arrive was very small but we are expecting to get a decent allocation:-)

Best wishes from chilly London


Going …going…gone!

Christies are holding another wine and cigar auction in South Ken on the 16th November.

Sadly not the incredible quantity of cigars we have seen in past auctions but still a few rare beauties including:

1996 limited edition humidor of 50 awesome salomones.Created by my colleague Christoph Wolters and only 100 made this delightful humidor has a price estimate of £6,000

A rare cabinet of 50 Romeo Casa Reales from the early 1970’s containing 100 cigars with a price estimate of £10,000- £15,000

Cigars from the 60’s to present day as well as a few interesting pre embargo Havanas will all be on offer.

C.Gars Ltd acts for many clients at auction as it is most important to check provenance as well as condition of the cigars.We check,we bid,we check when we collect and most important…we deliver worldwide!

I think my company has probably been the single largest buyers of cigars at Christies auctions over the years:-)

I deal almost exclusively in aged and rare Havanas and rarely a day goes by that we don’t see “new” vintage cigars being brought in to our offices for us to buy outright or sell on commisson.Some of the cigars make it onto my online store…most don’t! If you are looking for something in particular…Davidoffs,Dunhills.Pre embargo,Cuban cigar related antiques….let me know,if I don’t have it now…I can probably find it for you :-)

G’nite from London:-)