Cohiba thanks!

Good grief! does one day go by without someone phoning to say ” Hi I just got back from Cuba with a very valuable box of Cohiba Esplendidos that I need to sell” to which my standard reply is ” great but we only buy the special vintage edition glass top boxes!!

So …. anyone from the UK is reading this,here is my advice:

-If you are going to Cuba have a fabulous time…it’s paradise for cigars smokers for sure

-If you are a cigar smoker,only buy from an official cigar store i.e. La Casa del Habano. Every cigar you are offered on the streets is fake regardless of what “story” you are told about ” my brothers hedgehog lives in the roof of the Partagas factory and managed to steal a box of cigars out of the factory and I’m selling them for 3 Pesos only gringo”

-If you are not a cigar smoker,don’t waste your time and money buying cigars and trying to sell them to me or anyone else….you have wasted your money and are wasting everyone’s time!

Cigars are sold in the UK by cigar merchants supplied by Hunters and Frankau the official distributors of Havanas in the UK.The cigars are duty paid ( yuk…damn tax in the UK) and strictly quality controlled to ensure that the cigars are of the best quality available,

Oh and for the uninitiated….there is no such thing as a “sealed box of Havanas” in the UK as Hunters and Frankau open and check every box of Havanas…if they would not….C.Gars Ltd would. That’s what you get when you buy the finest cigars from a cigar merchant that was established in 1817 and an importer that places quality of their Havanas beyond anything.

Congrats to Laura’s daughter Gemma on the birth of her baby “Summer Rose” ….so now Laura has had her baby Molly this year,Gemma has had a baby and we are just waiting for Laura’s mother Joy to announce that she is also ……..Ummm …maybe I shouldn’t even suggest it! Oh well any excuse to break out the cigars and champagne I guess

Por Larranaga Magnificos now due last week September…should have some interesting vintage cigar offerings in September as well ( if I don’t smoke them first!)

Well I’m looking forward to another washout bank holiday weekend in the UK no doubt continuing the worst summer weather on record…I think I’ll zip over to France for a change of scene and smoke some Monte 2’s with some decent Bordeaux

Have a great weekend.

Peaceful puffing and long ashes



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