Cigar Club Association

Sigari magazine from Italy just arrived in the post and featured my article “The cigar scene in the UK” 5 pages including some rather mouth watering photos of some of the vintage cigars that I deal with.Published in Italian but with a lot of English translations this truly is an excellent cigar mag complete with loads of excellent cigar photos throughout.

My friend Ron Wagner has also written a first rate article on Havana cigar packaging which is a must read.

The Italian cigar scene has been booming for the last 5 years or more and there are cigar clubs in most major ( and many smaller) cities.The importer “Diadema” is supportive and pro active as well as very proffessional, no doubt recognized by Habanos S.A. giving the Italian market two splendid regional releases last year namely the Punch Superfinos and Ramon Allones Selection Suprema.

The cigar club association and Diadema also hold a “Habanos Day” Festival that is quite outstanding.

Thanks to Angelo Bigi for inviting me to write for the magazine.



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