Cigar brands and ownership

I’m always trying to research or access as much research as possible regarding vintage Havana cigars. I have most of the decent book that have been written over the years but their always seems to be so much more to learn.

My friend Rolando Salup has compiled an invaluable list of Havana cigar brands and details of their ownership and locations which he has kindly given us permission to publish on our website.

Rolando lives in Havana and is an antiques dealer. It has been my pleasure to meet with him at least twice a year for the last decade and chat about the history and significance of many of the antiques that I have bought for the C.Gars collection and of course for sale on my website. and

Rolando is a mine of interesting information and its a privilege to know him.

The following article was written by Rolando and translated with thanks to my assistant Yudy in our Havana office (with a tiny amount of editing/corrections by ourselves)

I hope you find the articles useful and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me

Peaceful puffing


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  1. Neil Oldham

    An extremely interesting article from a very knowledgeable chap. A must read for anyone interested in the history of cigars. I’ve been fascinated in cigars since childhood (I used to get my weekly pocket money in a Grandee cigar tin – Who made those?) and I find my fascination some thirty years on still unabated. This snapshot of cigar history has gone a long way in helping my understanding, at least, of the role of the cigar in history itself. Fascinating stuff!

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