Christies cigar and wine auction

Christies held a wine auction at King street St James’s today and tacked around 90 Lots of cigars to the end of it


I was surprised at how few Lots of wine sold and when they did sell prices seemed to be at the lower end of estimates


The cigars pricing was all over the show,some prices were low,some lots did not sell and some prices were particularly high.


Dunhill Havana Club


The first Lot which was a beautiful box of 100 Romeos ( 4 different sizes) made for Saks Fifth Avenue failed to attract any bidders with an estimate of £8000-£10,000


The star Lots were 2 boxes of 1930’s Hoyos made for UK cigar merchant T.B. Carlin. 5 1/4″ length and 38 ring gauge. Boxes of 50 cigars that sold for a paltry £800….simply incredible.


Cohiba Siglo humidor sold for a very respectable £2200


1977 box of Monte 5’s sold for a staggering £450


Cohiba Panatelas cabinet of 50 from early 1980’s sold £1000


Recent production Cohiba Siglo 1’s were sold for £150 which was baffling as this is more or less regular retail price for our EMS Siglo 1’s !


Sealed box of Partagas petit coronas sold for £350


The room was fairly well attended and there were a few phone bidders….but the heady days of a few years ago are long gone sadly


Peaceful puffing



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