Pol Roger is a brilliant champagne and totally underrated.1999 is generally thought to be a great vintage,

This is fast becoming my fave champers with a good Havana as the flavours are so delicate,they don’t drown out the flavours of the cigar.

I’m afraid I don’t have the same experience with NV Champagne and find them sharp and bitter tasting in general…ruining the experience of pairing up the cigar with the drink.

I find a good vintage champagne to be soft,round and balanced without any harshness whatsoever.What could be better with a fine cigar? I say no other drink particularly as Champagne is so refreshing on the palate.

Yes,a decent vintage will cost more than a non vintage but as with cigars,I do believe in “drink less …but better” or for that matter best quality.

Cuvee Winston Churchill and Pol Rose 1999 are of course available at very keen prices on my website :-)

…long ashes. :-)


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