Bulleit Bourbon stepping into a Cleaner Future

For a little while now Diageo has been implementing different measures throughout the company to build a more sustainable future for the spirit making business. One of the biggest measures is going to be Bulleit Bourbon’s new carbon neutral distillery. Despite the pandemic, Diageo is full steam ahead on the building of the new Kentucky Distillery.

This distillery is going to be one of the biggest and greenest distilleries in North America. Boasting a 72,000 square foot compound putting out 10 million gallons of whiskey per year, all powered by renewable energy! Although Bulleit will be the headlining brand at the distillery, there will also be a variety of not yet announced brands being crafted there.

The use of electrode boilers is one of the biggest implementations, which create a quieter and cleaner product with less emissions. Powered by renewable electricity, the steam used for cooking, distillation, and drying will be created by these boilers. Other greener steps forward include: Solar powered LED lighting, all onsite vehicles (including trucks and forklifts) will be electric, zero waste going to landfills, and water minimization processes. All these steps and more will be essentially like removing 25,000 cars from the roads for an entire year.

As a big fan of Bulleit Bourbon already, it was fantastic to hear all this. It’s great seeing these massive distilleries using technology for good! I look forward to seeing what else is to come!

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