Boisdale and Behikes!

Last week was another busy one with a visit to have a dram or two on Wednesday with my ‘ twin’ Ranald Macdonald of Boisdale. Why is he my twin? Well we have the same birthday and we both love Havana cigars and single malt Whiskey – of course we are not quite identical twins and I am much younger 🙂 Nice to bump into journalist James Leavey as well and smoke a couple of Monte 2’s with him. 

Thursday I was back at Boisdale Belgravia for lunch with Jemma Freeman from Hunters and Frankau. We enjoyed some excellent Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 (UK regional edition and one of my favourite Havanas) It was great to catch up with Jemma and learn more about all the exciting and exclusive new releases planed for the UK market exclusively over the next couple of years – and they are VERY exciting 🙂

This week we have the long awaited Cohiba Behikes launch at the Goring hotel where 150 cigar aficionados will be enjoying the 3 new Cohiba ‘BHK’ cigars with some suitable first class libations. Guess where I’ll be going for dinner after the launch? – Boisdale where else !- and maybe over to the Lanesboro for a late night smoke and nightcap.

Our vintage cigar Auction catalogue should be more or less complete by mid week and online for clients to start bidding on. Hard copy catalogues will be available by the end of this month. Around 150 Lots of various brands, vintage and size will be available, some with incredibly low estimates so some bargains may well be had – just like the last auction.  Happy days 🙂

Peaceful puffing


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  1. David

    Wait a tic! I thought they no longer allowed smoking in the bar at the L. I really need to go back: somewhere in their bar/library is a copy of Vanity Fair with a bookmark near the front that I left inside….

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