Auction Countdown!

As I write this blog it’s just over two weeks till the next Vintage Cigar Auction at Boisdale Canary Wharf.  I love this time of year as we are so uber busy with the Christmas season as well as the auction events.  It’s just a nonstop buzz with a great atmosphere in our offices and shops.

I try and get round all of our offices and shops between now and Christmas to see all of the Team but as the Group expands this gets harder and harder… nice problem to have I hear you say 🙂 so last week I took a very squeezy Ryan Air flight over to visit our associates at the Decent Cigar Emporium.  

A few of our UK cigar smoking chums joined a few of our Irish cigar smoking chums and we ended up having a jolly large Dublin herf that went on till exceptionally late in the evening/early in the morning. Finishing with some excellent Macallan 18, dinner and a copious quantity of Havanas (Punch Serie D’Oro No. 1, Ramon Allones Belicosos and Punch Medalla De Oro – UK regionals to name a few) at the delightful private members club – The Residence. There were around 20 at the herf and it was a wonderful evening with the best of company that I look forward to repeating with the same crowd next time I visit.

The Decent Cigar Emporium, located on Grafton Street is the only specialist cigar shop in Ireland that I know of and you are assured a warm welcome by Guy, Paul, Ed and the Team.

Retro Sweet ShopNext week I think I will zoom up to Chester and then Liverpool to do some quality testing on the stocks there (Including the retro confectionery store we own in Liverpool!) our shops are compact up North but it is legal to sample cigars I am pleased to say.

We’re making good progress with our new Cambridge store and still well on target to open by the end of this month. That is if BT can manage to install the phone lines on time. Currently they reckon it takes 5 weeks to install new phone lines. Raspberry of the week award to BT then. And the second raspberry of the week award goes to the PPI company that keeps phoning me and got a short burst of tourette’s from me last week… Hopefully I won’t hear from them again. 

My auction partner Brian has now lotted up all of the auction cigars and we have clients viewing daily from Monday. If you would like to view the Auction Lots simply shoot us an email. We are open Monday to Friday for viewings as well as Sunday 25th November from noon.

All details are on the dedicated website including how to get tickets for the pre-auction herf and the auction. You can see all the details on the FAQ’s as well as download a PDF Auction catalogue and of course bid online if you can’t attend.

Lot 132 Cohiba Double Coronas I looked through the Lots in our London humidor yesterday and was very impressed with the broad range that is on offer in this sale, from splendid mature 1980’s Havanas such as the cabinet of 50 El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme (Lot 10) to some fabulous 1960’s sealed boxes such as Upmann Singulares and Super Coronas (Lots 19 and 20) great Limited Editions such as Cohiba Double Coronas and Sublimes (Lots 132/133/142)

Fabulous Regional Editions such as Ramon Allones Phoenicios ( Lot 176/177) Loads of Coleccion Habanos books (Lots 179 -190) Limited Edition humidors and a wonderful selection of Davidoff and Dunhill Havana cigars.

We are always happy to provide condition reports and prospective bidder’s need only email us the Lot number the report is required for.

We are so lucky to have such great cigar friendly venues such as Ten Manchester Street and Boisdale to assist us with our events – If you are attending, you will be treated to great drinks (Thank you Balvenie!) great smokes (Thank you Habanos S.A.!) and great canapés (Thank you chefs!) I think we are in for a great few days and evenings of herfing 🙂

Finally, if you want a change of pace – Try my Secret Blend cigars! Great value and very tasty smokes indeed. They were in fact our fastest seller of the week last week which was the second week running.

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing




This week’s blog comes to you from sunny New York City.

On arrival last week, my partner Ron at Robert Graham Ltd had left a delightful message on my answer phone – Whisky Magazine had just held the 2012 Independent Bottlers Challenge, our Company won a Bronze Award for Independent Bottler of the Year in the Islay category for our Dancing Stag 1990 Bowmore as well as a silver award for our Ailein Mor 10 year old in the Highland category.

We are terribly proud of our own range of single malts and we are currently bringing out limited edition new releases almost every month.

You do have to buy them fast though as there are only around 330 bottles released from some of our casks!

Cohiba Piramides ExtraCohiba Piramides Extra came in last week just before I headed to the US so I managed to test a couple of sticks and they didn’t disappoint, this large format cigar had a cool draw with delicious full, sweet and almost chocolatey flavours, a light to medium cigar in terms of strength all packed up in a vein free colorado – colorado maduro wrapper. Boxes of 10 and singles are available but stocks are very limited.

We always advise friends to buy first production batch codes where possible as that is the only certain way of testing and enjoying the cigars to the original intended blend. Certainly subsequent date codes may be as good but conversely the tobacco used may be from a different batch and the precise integrity of the blend may not be maintained although I dare say the general characteristic should in theory always be the same.

Sadly no Havanas for me over the last week in New York but plenty of ‘domestics’ as my American chums would say. Nice routine of going over to De La Concha in the mornings for an après breakfast smoke which has been a Regius Corona  and very nice it was too. I’m starting to become quite a fan of this NC and have now expanded the range which you can see here as well as reduced the prices to help introduce the range to more of our clients. If you like a fairly full strength and full flavoured Nicaraguan, you will love this brand.

I have quite a good routine in NYC as I know most of the places to herf at and lots of friends to herf with but Saturday nights is always Sinatra night at the Carnegie Club, situated at 156 West 56th Street. Not an impersonator but a tribute show by Steve Maglio and the Stan Rubin Orchestra. Carnegie Club is of course a cigar lounge so my pals and I enjoyed Sinatra music, scotch and some great cigars until… Well, early Sunday morning <hic!> Now I have finally decided not to drink any more… or any less 🙂

I went through too many Fuente cigars to recall! It was fabulous long evenings herf but this cigar was just outstanding I could probably enjoy this cigar as part of my daily rotation, great blend, wrapper and construction.

Popped in to say ‘hi’ to Michael Herklots at Nat Sherman which is always a great place to herf and bumped into Edward Sahakian from Davidoff of London! He’s in Town for the Cigar Aficionado bash at Grand Havana Room this evening. We all have a lot to thank that mag for, it really did start the boom off.

Herfed till late at Club Macanudo on Sunday and tried to learn what on earth is happening in an American football match, gave up in the end as they all seem to attack each other for no apparent reason (makes rugby look tame) but did enjoy the tennis (Serena) and enjoyed the Murray game even more on Monday! (Did he smile finally?)

I may have found one of the friendliest places in New York to smoke cigars: Cigar Inn has an eclectic crowd of cigars smokers and its very buzzy, plenty of seating, lockers and huge range of just about anything the cigar smoker could want. Add great service and it’s a highly recommended venue to herf.

Ok, so it’s just about time for me to check out of the hotel and meet friends for an afternoon herf before heading back to Blighty… And I better not miss that flight as its Karyn and my birthday on Friday and I still haven’t decided what celebratory smokes to have!

If you’re celebrating New Year this Sunday evening, let me wish you a Shana Tova

As they say in NYC (Over and over and over and over and over again) have a great day!

Peaceful puffing


Have a great day! :-)

Can’t believe how fast the last month has flown by, although I think herfing with friends and clients in the sunshine of Los Angeles may have something to do with that. After all they do say ‘Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.’

Herfing 2012 Anyway I have been enjoying myself having met up with, chatted, herfed and hung out with 100’s of old and new friends whilst topping up my sun tan. I have been fortunate to stay in the same cigar friendly hotel in West Hollywood for the last 10 years and most days just hold court around the pool bar. Good thing I am heading back to London next week as I’m am just about out of Fuente Opus X  to gift out!

I went to San Diego for the first time last week to herf with a group of cigars chums (TY VC). Herfing 2012Decided to take the 2 hour train ride as I heard the views over the water were nice (they are!) and left from the beautiful Union Station which has featured in many films. Smoking of course not allowed in or around the station though I did spot some youngish girls smoking marijuana on the bench outside the station! (There is some crazy law about medical marijuana in Los Angeles)

Enjoyed a delightful dinner with friends at one of our chums houses in Bel Air which has become a sort of annual tradition. Great smokes, outrageous single malt whisky, dinner and the best of company (TY LS) As we sat on the terrace I realised that’s what we miss most in the UK – The good weather and balmy evenings to be able to smoke outside. I think I want to be an American and move to LA!

And Even More Herfing 2012Had a private tasting of the splendid DeLeon Tequila yesterday with a group of my regular cigar buddies, I am no tequila drinker, preferring Scotch of course but have to say this was very smooth and clean on the palette. DeLeon are soon introducing a $1000 bottle of tequila… Get it if you can!


Heading to Rodondo Beach on Sunday as our friend Larry is kindly throwing a herf at his home which I’m looking forward to. Actor Michael Nouri is expected to join us for Michael Nouri 1992smokes as well (see photo of Michael with Zino Davidoff in 1992!) Have I really been in the cigar bizz so long that I actually remember some of the crowd from the mid 1990’s?!

I thought August would be a quiet month and a good time to be on vacation but my clients worldwide seemed to think otherwise! Luckily by the wonders of modern technology it’s easy to keep in touch wherever I am in the world – G-d bless Blackberry! I have even managed to agree the acquisition of our 10th retail store which we are planning to open before Christmas.

This will possibly be the largest cigar store in the UK with an unparalleled range of Havana cigars together with an emporium style Robert Graham offering of the finest single malt, rum, cognac, gin and speciality coffees, teas and handmade chocolates. Together with a sampling lounge and client lockers… Yes, I am very excited as you can imagine.

And erm... Even More Herfing 2012Delighted to announce that our Mayfair store is now licence to sell liquor. We will be stocking a specialist range of Cuban rum, cigar cognac and of course finest Robert Graham single malt whisky that you can sample and purchase in store from next week or of course order online for click and collect service . You can find Alfie Turmeaus cigar shop on this link  in Shepherds Market Mayfair.

The Mayfair Hotel has opened a very nice cigar terrace just down the road to our Shepherd Market cigar shop and I’m looking forward to herfing there soon.

Cigar auction coming up on the 26th November, always a fun time for the cigar community with events at Ten Manchester street and Boisdale restaurants as well as an evening or two at the lovely Lanesborough cigar terrace. We are expecting a large crowd from overseas this year. Information will be updated on our dedicated auction website together with past results and FAQ’s but don’t hesitate to email if you need advising on bidding or selling.

All Herfed Out!So I’m packing up my lighters and cutters in the next few days and looking forward to heading back to the office, especially as I hear that a load of new releases are likely to be out in the next week or so including the long awaited Cohiba Piramides Extra, H Upmann Robusto limited edition 2012, H Upmann Half Coronas in tins of 5 and the latest UK regional edition 2012 Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos, so I am assured a busy homecoming!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Peaceful puffing,



Happy/Smokey Friday!

Finally managed to clear up our Auction accounts work this week and just in time as sellers get paid on Monday 🙂 Next auction will be end of November and we will be announcing the date before the end of this month. Sellers should contact us for advice and valuation as we will start cataloguing from September onwards. If you can’t wait till the next Auction don’t forget we buy and sell vintage cigars every day of the year!. Shoot me an email for advice. I’m always happy to help.

Liverpool Turmeaus is now licenced for sale of Alcohol, small and select range of splendid Robert Graham single Malt whisky … perfect with a good cigar of course !

Our new Ailen Mor Highland is on offer this week at a measly £27.95 ! I had a bit of a taste testing session with this single malt paired with Cohiba 1966 and it was a sublime match, too good for words.

Next week I’ll be herfing at Boisdale to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I have my fingers crossed that we may finally get some summer sunshine.

Long way off but just booked up my flights for the February Festival in Havana! Can’t wait 🙂 despite having been to Havana around 60 times since 1997, I still love the Festivals, sun, rum and smokes- perfect ! staying at the Nacional as usual (one of the finest herf spots on the planet)

Checkout our friend Nic Wings website Nic organizes a splendid Cigar Walk of London stopping by at all the interesting cigar placed/shops etc and has also recently launched a fabulous cigar app to help you find cigar stores and lounges in London. Well done Nic – great service to the cigar trade in London

The roller is back ! Just for a day this Monday we are happy to welcome back Dilia who will be at our London offices rolling a few more freshies. If you would like to pop in for a rolling demo – shoot me an email.

Just over two weeks till I head to Orlando for the IPCPR/RTDA trade show. Can’t wait to see what new cigar toys I can find/buy/import. Our range and sales are now so huge in accessories and humidors its incredible. Something for every cigar smoker and every budget. Loads of requests recently for smaller size Elie Bleu humidors  which we have now brought in (and won’t be undersold on) and we are the only cigar merchant that I know of in the Uk that imports the fabulous Daniel Marshall range of humidor. Tremendous value and superb quality

Finally well done to the chap in the Vauxhall who did the hit and run whilst my car was parked opposite my office. Despite him having enough space for a lorry or two, he still managed to whack the bumper. Bad luck for him we took his registration number and reported him to the police. Maybe he should have a cigar and slowwwww down a bit.

OK I’m off for a pre-weekend smoke and dram with my Father, I think it will have to be Punch Serie D’Oro whilst we still have a few available !

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing




Its Summer auction time and we enjoyed a fabulous pre auction herf at the cigar terrace at Ten Manchester Street enjoying some first class English Market Selection (EMS) Partagas Petit Coronas aged to perfection from 1998 as well as Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 which were surprisingly good and mature tasting cigars, for a September 2011 date code. Delicious canapés, champagne and excellent service from Ten Manchester Street (Thanks guys!) the only sad part was that Italy lost against Spain!

So my brief blog comes to you this evening from Boisdale in Canary Wharf where we are holding our Summer Auction Event.

Our thanks to Davidoff for providing wonderful cigars as well as a cigar roller for the evening and Remy Martin for providing splendid French Mojito cocktails and Remy XO.

We are as usual transmitting the selling prices live but they are subject to verification so you will have to be patient till we get back to the office tomorrow to carefully check we have not made any typo’s.

To avoid any confusion for our many commission (absentee) bidders, you may well see that your maximum bid has been achieved on a Lot and wonder why you are in fact not the winner. The answer I’m afraid is simple, if we received two identical bids, the first one that was entered will be the winning bid. This is similar to 2 bidders in the room both willing to bid up to the same amount – the first bidder to reach that bid amount wins the Lot.

So the very best of luck to all of the bidders and the sellers and the preliminary results are as follows:

Lot Winning Bid Lot Winning Bid Lot Winning Bid Lot Winning Bid Lot Winning Bid
1 450 2 sold after 3 360 4 250 5 500
6 550 7 2200 8 1500 9 2300 10 pass
11 1250 12 1100 13 1150 14 1100 15 550
16 650 17 160 18 pass 19 pass 20 230
21 200 22 265 23 240 24 800 25 800
26 170 27 150 28 170 29 220 30 65
31 1000 32 1000 33 1100 34 620 35 180
36 230 37 280 38 130 39 900 40 pass
41 pass 42 500 43 150 44 140 45 580
46 650 47 210 48 150 49 700 50 780
51 750 52 750 53 160 54 700 55 pass
56 320 57 520 58 390 59 420 60 750
61 450 62 480 63 200 64 360 65 350
66 480 67 250 68 1500 69 460 70 370
71 300 72 pass 73 150 74 300 75 pass
76 550 77 650 78 680 79 180 80 100
81 70 82 70 83 100 84 80 85 70
86 80 87 110 88 420 89 400 90 280
91 125 92 310 93 340 94 800 95 400
96 450 97 420 98 1050 99 1000 100 1000
101 900 102 900 103 720 104 400 105 pass
106 580 107 720 108 400 109 420 110 140
111 180 112 170 113 200 114 460 115 250
116 370 117 130 118 140 119 280 120 120
121 300 122 300 123 250 124 pass 125 pass
126 350 127 340 128 175 129 550 130 400
131 550 132 200 133 300 134 280 135 300
136 pass 137 440 138 400 139 380 140 380
141 350 142 310 143 380 144 620 145 500
146 200 147 520 148 150 149 180 150 550
151 900 152 900 153 pass 154 110 155 360
156 260 157 140 158 370 159 350 160 270
161 390 162 175 163 110 164 250 165 450
166 160 167 250 168 70 169 900 170 420
171 1800 172 900 173 1000 174 600 175 720
176 1500 177 1550 178 1550 179 1250 180 1150
181 1100 182 1100 183 1300 184 1800 185 460
186 420 187 350 188 800 189 850 190 210
191 175 192 180 193 250 194 350 195 360
196 450 197 620 198 310 199 460 200 460
201 450 202 450 203 310 204 300 205 420
206 1100 207 850 208 420 209 420 210 420
211 420 212 440 213 920 214 500 215 350
216 340 217 500 218 sold after 219 1600 220 1600
221 750 222 820 223 800 224 720 225 720
226 950 227 750 228 pass 229 pass 230 1310
231 2100 232 4000 233 200 234 2300 235 1200
236 2900 237 2500 238 pass 239 1200 240 1500
241 2000 242 800 243 3000 244 2400 245 1000
246 1000 247 pass 248 800 249 pass 250 pass
251 2200 252 130 253 130 254 160 255 220
256 360 257 200 258 400 259 460 260 2000
261 460 262 250 263 350 264 300 265 260
266 260 267 600 268 400 269 pass 270 100
271 100 272 70 273 75 274 75 275 950
276 450 277 360 278 350 279 95 280 400
281 165 282 130 283 165 284 780 285 360
286 360 287 820 288 1200 289 600 290 1300
291 1250 292 920 293 780 294 750 295 300
296 180 297 600 298 480 299 550 300 130
301 200 302 3000 303 4000 304 pass 305 pass
306 350 307 100 308 355 309 800 310 250
311 260 312 270 313 75 314 70 315 65
316 65 317 65 318 60 319 60 320 65
321 70 322 70 323 70 324 65 325 260
326 240 327 130 328 520 329 750