An update during a difficult time

With all this madness we all are experiencing together, it is good to find things worthy of appreciation. We at C.Gars, like most, are EXTREMELY grateful for all the healthcare workers and first responders out there putting all their energy into taking care of us! We appreciate everybody that is doing their part, whatever that may be, in creating a safer community around us!

I much prefer to find some kind normalcy in all of this, even if I am staying inside! Sharing a good dram with someone is one of those normal things that brings some enjoyment to a crazy world. While we all may not be residing with someone to share a glass with, do like most are doing these days, find a virtual partner! Find a friend or even someone new to share a drink with through video chat. While I know self quarantine and staying inside is an introvert’s dream, there are plenty of people out there open to a friendly chat about spirits.

I have a decent rotation of bottles to help soothe the soul. As far as whisky, a few of our Stalla Dhu bottlings have been taking a good hit. Our Saorsa and Speyside single malt have been doing it for me lately. Both taking multiple awards for a reason, they are both so incredibly smooth! For rum I have been treating myself to the occasional glasses of Flor de Caña 18 and Dictador 20! Both of those companies I am big fans of. I’ve not yet gotten back into the swing of gin yet, but always have a bottle of either Botanist or Rock Rose on hand. Both great for those refreshing G&T’s.

Lastly, we are so extremely proud of winning an Icon of Whiskies award for Multiple Outlets Retailer of the Year!! C.Gars is a family that does our best to bring you the best products to put a smile on all your faces, especially in times like these! Normally we’d get to celebrate with other industry folks at an awards ceremony, but this year we’ll settle for a solo dance party at home! And no promo photos of that will surface!!! 🙂

Anyway, stay safe, stay healthy, and let us know how we can help!



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