A Week in the Life… Of a Cigar Specialist!

Happy Friday! And yes I am really happy its Friday as this is the busiest week I can remember in a long time, kicking off with an excellent cigar evening at the splendid Harts Hotel in Nottingham last Sunday. Champagne and Epicure 2’s at the pre herf in a friend’s home followed by dinner in a Bedouin tent on a warm and balmy evening. Jimmy from Hunters and Frankau ably introduced the 3 cigars we enjoyed throughout the evening:

H Upmann Half Corona

Bolivar Britanicas

Punch Medalla D’Oro

Needless to say the favourite of the evening was the Bolivar but the Punch fared well too with perfect construction and very classic ‘punchy’ flavours.

Post herf went on till 5 a.m.(!) at a friend’s house where we went through large amounts of Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 matched up with 21 year old Springbank and some 50 year old Armagnac.

Breakfast smokes were Epi 2’s from 2000 which were remarkably good – Matched up with a lot of coffee!

Monday afternoon was spent sampling cigars at Turmeaus Chester where the walk in humidor has a huge range of Havanas and still has some Montecristo Gran Reserva and of course all the UK regional editions and limited editions.

Tuesday was spent sampling cigars at Turmeaus Liverpool where I smoked El Rey Choix de L’Epoque for a lighter smoking day! I am indeed the ‘kid in a candy store’ as we own Turmeaus retro confectionery store which has just about every piece of confectionery I can remember from my childhood. Checkout the range here.

Off to Glasgow Wednesday morning to Robert Grahams Global Whisky Shop for a small shop, it has to be said it has a huge range of cigars in the walk in humidor, in fact I think that little haven for cigar smokers could be one of our busiest stores. The ever changing range of single malts assures our clients that we always have something different to tempt them that can’t be found in the supermarkets. Small independent limited edition bottlings seem to be massively popular.

On to Edinburgh Robert Graham Rose street shop which has the hugest selection of Havanas and other premium cigars in the walk in humidor. Singles, small packs, boxes and jars – Just a huge range. The Scotch, Rum and Gin range isn’t too shabby either.

I moved on to Robert Graham’s Treasurer shop on Canongate/Royal Mile where I sampled chocolates, Robert Graham Dancing Stag single Malt and a surprise find of Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres in the humidor. I thought we were thorough with this excellent UK regional edition but there are a few boxes in Canongate if you hurry 🙂

Back to London on Thursday and a day full of meetings at the London office although I managed to sneak off to Robert Graham West Hampstead for a crafty smoke in the sunshine outside the shop and a dram or two of our Hoebeg Islay whisky.

And to finish the week off I visited Alfie Turmeaus Mayfair cigar shop which had a queue of customers outside the door! Thanks to the Olympics no doubt but looks like today will be the best days sales ever for this lovely specialist cigar shop in the heart of Mayfair. I sampled a Punch Medalla D’Oro before heading off to a long lunch with Edward and Eddie Sahakian of Davidoff at Franco’s. Great service, great food and a lovely place to smoke cigars in central London. Tatinger champagne and Cuban Davidoff no.1’s… What a great way to finish the week.

Next week I’m off to Orlando for the annual IPCPR trade show and hope to be ordering some great new ranges of humidors, lighters and cutters… Watch this space 🙂

Have a smokey weekend,

Peaceful puffing,


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