A Sailing trip to remember…

Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful February!

We just finished a fun and eventful 10-day sailing trip from the east to west coast of Florida! It was full of mostly fun and sometimes stressful times. We had friends and family popping on and off at different times during the trip. Made for some good laughs.

To get from where we were in south Palm Beach to Clearwater, we had to cut right through the centre of Florida. Locking through was a blast and managed well by the lock keepers. When we hit historic Okeechobee, it was rough and chilly, the Navionics failed to detect shoals there as well. That proved to be slightly problematic, but luckily our crew could handle what was thrown at them! My son was with us for a couple different legs of the trip, it was almost like he could bend the boat and the waters to his will! Poseidon hath blessed some with control over the waters. 🙂

Despite the weather being sometimes sunny and others record cold, it did not take away from amazing scenery! The wildlife was another stand out! Plenty of tropical birds, and when we made it to the west coast, we had dolphins following us a good distance. Amazingly fun to watch. Some of the memorable stops were Cabbage Key, Longboat Key and the final lock was a campground run by the Army Corps of Engineers.

A trip like that wouldn’t be complete without some good cigars and tasty drams. We were able to enjoy a variety of Bolivar, Alec Bradley and of course Inca Nation! On the whisky side to compliment our smokes we had our Stalla Dhu Islay, Saorsa, and some delicious Springbank!

Here’s to more adventures!



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