A day in the life of a whisky specialist!

Ron Morrison is the Chairman of the C.Gars Ltd group, but also our in house whisky specialist with a huge wealth of knowledge at his finger tips. Enjoy a snippet of a day in Ron’s life:

I took a leisurely afternoon walk along the sunny Liverpool docks where I could see vessels of every kind resting after a lifetime filled with experiences and adventure. I decided to embark on my own little adventure for the day.

So inspired, I popped in to our beautiful Turmeaus store on Old Hall Street. As I walked into the whisky room, in which lies a spectacular array of whiskies from around the world, I was confronted by someone with a question; what was my favourite type of cask finish for whisky?

Now standing in a room with thousands of whiskies of which many are my favourite, my mind raced through the delights of, bourbons, creamy vanilla freshness or sherry casks with raisin-y nuttiness and berry driven red wine casks.

However I realised from the conversation what they really wanted was a recommendation! So, no problem, the previous evening I had the experience of the most loveliest of drams which paired wonderfully with my Davidoff Orchant Seleccion Lancero cigar. The whisky was a relatively new release from Dalmore, The Dalmore Port Reserve. The dried fruity, orange-y spice notes danced around my palate keeping it fresh then slid away in a smooth satisfying finish. It had a rather generous, and my preferred, ABV of around 46%. That was my recommendation to the customer who happily embraced it.

Whiskies are a real, and relatively safe, adventure 🙂 This one is certainly worth a try!


Ron Morrison
Chairman of C.Gars Ltd

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