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MO's Dominican Republic Trip February 2004

What a surprise I had when Andrew, my friendly Davidoff rep invited me to have a week in the Dominican Republic to learn more about Davidoff cigars....I thought "Yes, I can handle that :-)"

I never realised how successful and popular Davidoff cigars are as I'm only involved in the Havana cigars side of the C.Gars Ltd cigar business but when I asked my cigar shop manageress Christine, She assured me that they are one of our biggest selling brands and sales are growing steadily. All the more reason to learn more about the product!

We set off on the 2nd of February from London to Paris and then Paris to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Nice crowd of cigar merchants including Ron Morrison from the excellent Robert Graham cigar and whisky shop in Glasgow, Denis Barthe from Penny Hill Park, Ajay Patel from Broadweighs Cigar Store, Graham Price from Hollingsworth Cigar Shop in Shrewsbury, David Wallace from Hot Wines in Cottingham, Sreto Borjevic from JJ Fox/ Selfridges, Sebastien Guillou from Hanbury manor and our group leader John Booker from Davidoff UK.

We checked in to the Punta Cana Resort and Club and enjoyed an excellent dinner accompanied with large quantities of Davidoff cigars. In fact throughout the week, The Davidoff humidor was never far away:-)

Tuesday was thankfully a day off after the long flights the day before and we spent the day chilling out on the beach sipping Pina Colada and trying out some Davidoff cigars:-) The weather was perfect...sunny and hot...around 80F

Wednesday we headed to Santiago on a very small and very hot aircraft! The views were tremendous. Dominican Republic from the air is a very beautiful and lush country. I was just relieved when the plane landed safely! An interesting presentation from Raymond Scheurer from Davidoff preceded dinner.

Thursday and another presentation by Raymond followed by a visit to the tobacco fields and warehouse "Jicome fermentation". One further presentation by Raymond together with Hendrik Kelner who gave an excellent presentation on cigar tasting.

Friday and one last presentation by Raymond (!) followed by a visit to the Davidoff factory. Surprisingly modern and a model of efficiency...I was suitably impressed to say the least.

Davidoff cigars may not be for everyone but if you are looking for a perfectly constructed cigar of impeccable appearance and a mild smoking experience, they are certainly worth a try. Turmeaus Tobacconist (Tel: 015 236 3802) carries the full range of Davidoff product and would be happy to advise.

Thanks to all from Davidoff for a most excellent week in the Dominican Republic. Hope you enjoy the photos.......


      Mitchell and Denis Barthe (from PennyHill Park)
The Davidoff factory Colour matching at the Davidoff cigar factory Graham, Lars and Kevin  
John Booker Filming   and this chap works for JJ Fox!!  
Getting close to the leaf!   Entering the curing barn Raymond from Davidoff
Henki Kelner Seedlings    
      Scary plane journey ahead
I'm more frightened than I look! Lifes a Beach!   Mitchell and Ajay
  Ajay and Denis