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Tobacco Laws are Changing Everything you need to know

Writer: Liam Hetherington

May 20th is fast approaching and for those of us in the know, I can only say the new tobacco laws have been a real headache for retailers!! I'm sure it hasn't been that easy for customers either, when they see their favourite brands disappearing off the web! A lot of changes are happening with your beloved tobacco products. As you may have noticed the delightful new packaging has already started to make its way onto the shop shelves. I guess if you're a fan of dull green then this is perfect for you.

Not only is the packaging changing but so is the quantity you can buy. You will no longer be able to buy a pack of 10 cigarettes or anything below 30g when buying hand rolling tobacco. Bad news for social smokers!!! There is a fair amount that has been put into these new laws so we have compiled this helpful guide for you.

The New Law

The law is officially known as the Tobacco and Related products Regulations 2016. This comes under part of the EU's Tobacco Products Directive (or TPD for short. In short the tobacco laws are having a complete overhaul in the way they're sold and advertised (not that they're really advertised.)

The Packaging

As mentioned before all the packaging on hand rolling tobacco and cigarettes are changing. Under the new laws all cigarette boxes have to be one colour (the aforementioned dull green) and will be the exact same size and shape. I have posted a picture below of the new packaging just in case you haven't seen it.

The new laws also mean fonts have to be standardised too, as will the size, colour, case and alignment of text, if you care about that sort of thing. The best part is the new health warning stickers. Not only have they become a little more graphic they now by law have to take up 65% of the packaging. But I guess they have to fit that picture of the naked man in whilst also reminding you that smoking causes impotence...

Flavoured tobaccos, what is happening?

If you're a fan of the flavoured hand rolling tobaccos, then you really will be disappointed when it gets to May 20th. As you read this all of them are being discontinued so you will no longer be able to purchase your favourite vanilla or blueberry tobacco again. But, there is an alternative! Tobacco flavour sprays! These come in a variety of flavours and conveniently allow you to re flavour your tobacco (or as I've seen online, other things as well...) So, there is some good news. Back onto the bad news (groan), all menthol cigarettes will be outlawed by May 2020.

Small amounts of Tobacco

You will no longer be able to purchase any tobacco less than 30g, or any 10 packs of cigarettes. Again, this is another way of trying to stop kids from smoking as it will be more expensive. Whether or not this will work, we just don't know. These are the important notes, it's going to become more expensive, you have to buy more at a time and you have to put up with the horrible packaging, maybe now is good time to try your hand at cigars - as we say, smoke less, but smoke the best! 😉.