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Inka - Secret Blend cigars

Having been in the cigar industry for many many years, we decided it was time to create our own brand, and we weren't happy until we found a blend that we were 100% satisfied with, believe me, its a lot harder than you think! Unbelievably, there are no other cigars on the market produced using 100% Peruvian filler/wrapper/binder tobacco, so we had nothing to compare these to, but I'm sure once you try them, you'll agree that the flavours are very unique and extremely pleasing. Closer to a Nicaraguan in strength, but a unique full flavour, balanced and smooth. Good smooth, vein free wrapper and exceptionally good construction.

So there we have it, a delicious range of cigars made, from wrapper to filler, with 100% Peruvian tobacco.

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Inka Secret Blend - Blue Bombaso Natural Cigar

This is a wonderful smoke.. smooth and mild...!! Good draw and even burn pleasure from the first draw til the last...!! I need more of these....!!

Inka Secret Blend - Blue Petit Corona Cigar

I'm not a big fan of non Cubans and I have tried some of the big named new world cigars. And I wanted to try these Peruvian, after seeing them her on Cgars Ltd web site. Having now brought and smoked a few, I have found them to be well built, if a little bit tight on the draw. Smooth, sweet and a bit of spice, with a good aroma. I believe they are good value for money and good smoke. I am happy to add more to my humidor, next to my Cubans. And finally, as always great service for Cgars Ltd.

Inka Secret Blend - Red - Half Corona Cigar

Pleasantly surprised by these. Great construction and the best draw I've experience during my short time smoking cigars. Flavours are not overpowering, but I detected several distinctly different notes during that smoke so it never became boring during the hour it took me. I've smoked two of these so far, with one left in the tupperdor - if the third is as good as the first two, I think I'll make it my go-to non-cuban. Great value IMO.