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Halloween Samplers

Georgina Learmonth


It's that time of year again where it's time to go into the dark and spooky attic, work your way through the thick cobwebs and blow the dust off your "Halloween" box of supplies. Whether you're dressing up, hosting a Halloween themed dinner or just enjoying a peaceful night in - if that's possible with trick and treaters just round the corner. The perfect excuse to enjoy a cigar, or cigars! Check out these samplers to get you in the Halloween spirit...

The Spooktacular Sampler - 9 Cigars

Spooktacular Sampler

This spectacular sampler has a spooky twist to it, we're not talking about weirdo clowns or creatures from beyond the grave. Including 9 different cigars for you to smoke this Halloween. With a mix of Cuban and New World sticks, to help calm your nerves at this spooky time of the year.

The Split Sampler - 8 Cigars

The Split Sampler

The 2016 film "Split" is based on the different personalities that are out there, all unique and different from each other. Well it's the same with cigars, no your cigars won't wake up one day stomping round your house but the characteristics of these sticks really separate them from the next. Short or long? Light or full? Maduro wrapper or a lighter wrapper? And what type shape head are you going to go for? Cuban or New World? This sampler gives you all those options this Halloween, to really give you a feel for what the ever growing world of cigars have to offer.

The Spooky Smokes Sampler - 5 Cigars

The Spooky Smokes Sampler

Enjoy the spookiest of smokes this Halloween with this selection of 5 cigars. Whatever you're doing on the 31st of October, make sure you have one, or all 5, of these sticks close by. Including 3 New Worlds (Reposado, Alec Bradley and Inka) all of these have a dark and silky wrapper. What really is under the quilt of a ghost? Does anyone know? We can't say the same for the KDT cigar, underneath the white, tissue which coats the cigar is the smooth and flawless Cuban tobacco leaves.

This is IT Sampler - 3 Cigars

Based on the 2017 movie IT, we have included 3 cigars which set the scene perfectly. It has come to that time of year again where the sun goes down and outside is dark and mysterious, with the trick or treaters just round the corner. We have got our own twist on the treats side of things - cigars! Based on the 2017 movie IT, we have included 3 cigars which set the scene perfectly. Together these cigars are the perfect trio to enjoy this Halloween, whether you're dressing up or enjoying a quiet yet spooky night at home.

No Tricks, Just Treats Sampler - 6 Cigars

No Tricks, Just treats

Halloween is a spooky, creepy and a fearful time of the year but here at C.Gars Ltd we believe that you deserve more treats than tricks this year. This sampler includes 6 treats, 3 Cuban cigars and 3 which are New World.Whether your hosting a dinner party with the Wicked Witch, Frankenstein, Edward Scissorhands and the Spooky next door neighbour or going on a Ghost Hunt, make sure you have these sticks with you to keep the fear at bay.

5 Cigars To Really Get Your Teeth Into

These 5 cigars are the smokes you just really have to get your teeth into, including 5 New World cigars perfect to enjoy this Halloween. The dark and mysterious wrappers providing an interesting and surprisingly sweet taste on the lips. Including 5 New World sticks, get your teeth into these indulgence sticks, and not in anything else this Halloween. Remember to supply your own teeth!