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The Drew Estate story is one of daring, heartbreak & success but, most of all, one of passion for cigars and the country of Nicaragua, where we have been making cigars since 1998.

Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel are not your average cigar makers, their story does not start in Cuba, or with fathers in the cigar business. It started with a dream, and through their can-do spirit and never-say-die attitude made Drew Estate one of the premier cigar manufacturers on the planet. The two frat brothers from New York started out small... Small, as in a 16 square foot retail kiosk in the World Trade Center in NYC.

The early days were fraught with peril, you'd think these two frat brothers went to the school of hard knocks. Picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and never backing down would become a trademark in the years to come for them & their fledgling cigar company, Drew Estate.

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Drew Estate Acid Atom Maduro Cigar

A flavoursome bomb of a smoke! Intense sweetness on the lips, creamy chocolatey flavours from the dark wrapper. Plenty of smoke. A strange pinched, almost unfinished end, I was almost tempted to cut both ends before lighting! Smoked until the nub burned my fingers.... If you enjoy your sticks bitter and woody, avoid the Acid Atom!

Drew Estate MUWAT Nightcrawler Cigar

Decided to give Drew Estate a try and chose 3 from the Chester store . So last night the MUWAT Nightcrawler was my stick of choice really enjoyable smoke with a different quality n quantity of flavours. Drew Estate know their strengths n spot on smoke the business

Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig Cigar

If you like being 'Ballsy' with your cigars this is an enjoyable 40 minutes. Once started you can send smoke signals from 30metres down the garden... not one for hiding from your wife. I will say for the price, you may as well buy the Undercrown Belicoso at £16.59 and get more cigar for your money. I do love the Undercrown range, never disappointing and always a firm construction with a light draw and plumes of smoke and great aroma. Would I buy again? No, a little bit of a novelty in the market. However, I will continue to purchase some more Drew Estate Undercrown's.