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Cuba Aftershave

Cuba Aftershave

The best kept secret of the sophisticated cigar connoisseur!

James Peasley


Cuba Aftershave

I was very pleased to walk down the stairs in our London office to see a box of goodies just in time for Christmas - Cuba Aftershaves are an exciting, new range of colognes aimed at the cigar smoking market. Upon first impressions, the only word is "Wow!". So, I managed to grab a few of the different fragrances for a bit of a "road test".

They've clearly put a lot of work into designing the perfect packaging for these gentleman's colognes, I can't see any passionate cigar smoker turning their nose up at them, they just look phenomenal. Designed like a tubed cigar, they look awesome but are also a great size to fit in your washbag and a tidy way of making sure your toothbrush doesn't end up tasting, well, disgusting.

But importantly how do they smell
We've all been there, we've purchased something that looks cool and our expectations are set quite high, sometimes we can be left quite disappointed. But does this reach those expectations. Simple answer; yes. And then some!

The gold tube is my favourite fragrance, it's supposed to emulate the extremely popular Paco Rabanne 1 Million, and truth be told, I cannot tell the difference between the 2 at all - apart from the mind-bending price difference! It seriously is the real deal. The Paco Rabanne will cost you somewhere in the region of £30 - £40, whereas this stuff is just over a fiver!? (Does that tell you something about big brands?). An extremely close second is the Cuba Original (silver tube) which smells exactly like Jean Paul Gautier Le Male (the blue torso bottle), so depending on my mood that's two of my favourite fragrances for just over a tenner!

Now you may be thinking, but James, the big-name brands are clearly better quality and last longer. Not true. I applied some and 5 days later I can still smell it just as strongly on my scarf - and it's a nice delight 😇 no cloying or decay in the fragrance, just as sweet and fresh as when I first applied it.

Warm, spicy, smoky, sweet tobacco undertones

The general notes to each of the fragrances seem to be warm, spicy, smoky, sweet tobacco undertones, but with each one geared towards a slightly different overall smell. The gold tube, is sweeter and fun - notes of cedar and vanilla. The silver tube is more floral, with notes of a lavender type scent but still maintaining its masculinity. The black, to me, seems like a fragrance for the slightly older gentleman - reminds me of an Old Spice or something similar to that. Would I recommend them?


Why pay 7 or 8 times the price for something that's not nearly as entertaining? The tubes make superb little gifts, or stocking fillers for a gentleman, or could be included in a man's homemade gift set for Christmas or birthdays. They look and smell like something with a much bigger price tag.

I'm not going to bore you any further, as for just over a fiver each, they're definitely worth a punt and you can enjoy the scent for yourself.

Whether buying your own, or for your boyfriend, husband, friend or lover, I can assure you these will be a real winner!