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C.Gars Ltd 200th Anniversary

Writer: Laura Graham

It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since I created the first website for C.Gars Ltd working from the cupboard under my stairs! In fact, I'm sure my children still carry the scars of mummy always being inside the cupboard! At least they did until some years later Harry Potter appeared on our book shelves and then it seems my status of cupboard worker became almost envied!

Now as I look around at my beautiful offices, our beautiful shop locations and walk in air climate controlled humidors, it amazes me daily how far we have come. I often question what it is that gave us longevity, that made us the top selling cigar merchant in the UK and after much consideration I have come to realise there are several factors.

1.  The ability to constantly change and adapt in an ever-changing world. We were the first cigar website on the internet in the UK and our website is constantly evolving, fast and user friendly, feature and content packed.

2.  Offering continued and consistent first-class customer service.

3.  Continued hard work and a firm belief in the product range we offer and the back-up service we provide 24/7 - every day of the year.

As the first UK Cigar merchant on the internet I remember how excited Mitchell and I were when we reached 50 visitors a day. I can't tell you how stunned /amazed/ excited we are now with an average visitor count of 5000 a day!

Our ethos of offering first class customer service has never faltered. We have also tried to help educate our customers along the way. Cuban cigars are after all a handmade product and with the best will in the world, sometimes you may get a badly constructed cigar, but other than Mitchell smoking a little bit of each cigar before we ship them to you (and let me advise you that we did discuss this at great length before I finally managed to convince him this wasn't the way forward) instead we agreed to create our no quibble guarantee to ensure each and every customer was catered for. Not happy with anything we sell? Just let us know. We never make a fuss.

C.Gars Ltd now boasts five shop/lounge locations, all with walk in humidors so that you can come and peruse our range of fine cigars and of course try our wares in our purpose-built cigar lounges. All of our locations are licenced for premium spirits and the flagship stores sell them by the dram as well.

We are now expanding our range of whisky, including some highly collectible and rare bottlings. By the time I have completed the range we will have everything from £30 - £6000 a bottle! We launched our new improved mobile site in 2017 and will continue to evolve and improve our site over the coming years

We are also massively increasing our pipes and pipe tobacco ranges, as we simply can't keep up with demand right now. So, keep a look out on our "new in" page as we are adding new ranges regularly.

I'm so proud and feel very lucky to have worked in such a great industry for the past 20 years. I've also been lucky enough to work with my friend and fellow Director, Mitchell, a complete mensch and all round good guy. We eat, sleep, breath our C.Gars creation. We never stop brain storming, planning, dreaming and scheming our next moves for C.Gars. The level of excitement, fun and success we have created is intoxicating.

All in all it's been a great 20 years and I'm excited about what the next 20 years has to bring, after all we have more changes afoot to ensure that we continue to bring you the best ranges at the best prices with the best levels of service in the cigar industry. Think of C.Gars as the Amazon.com of the tobacco trade!

Laura Graham
Founder and Director
C.Gars Ltd