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5 things you should never ask a cigar smoker

Cally Humphrey

Cigar smoking is a passion, hobby and lifestyle. Unfortunately those that do not indulge in such pleasures may ask us questions that seem very unnecessary.

1 - Can I try your cigar?

No. A cigar is a very personal thing. Once that beautifully constructed tobacco sausage has touched your lips that is, by no way, right to share it with someone else. Some cigar smokers like to moisten the end of the cigar with their lips before lighting. You wouldn't share my toothbrush so we do not need to share a stogie!

2 - Can you smoke that somewhere else?

When smoking cigars I am conscious about who's around. I generally will not light my cigar around children or elderly people. However, if I chose to enjoy a cigar in a pub garden with some food I will do so! There is always one person who 'doesn't like the smell' of tobacco but unfortunately, if you are in a permitted smoking area, you have the freedom to smoke!

3 - Why do you smoke cigars when smoking kills you?

Thanks for the concern but I am ok thanks. Studies have shown that 1-2 cigars a day does not increase your risk of cancer. There are risks involved with everything we do in life. Approximately 6000 people die a year from tripping up! Let us cigar smokers enjoy each and every hand rolled hour of bliss in peace.This article should help with any concern over smoking 1 or 2 cigars a day.

4 - What is the point in smoking a cigar if you don't inhale?

Cigar smoking is about taste and aroma. It's about exploring the different flavour profiles and stories behind all the brands. Unfortunately cigars are tainted with the same brush as cigarette smoking. It is very unusual for people to smoke cigars because they have an addiction. Cigar smokers smoke for those hours of relaxation and pleasure.

5 - Is that cigar a Cuban?

When people think cigar they assume it is from Cuba. For the past three years a new world cigar has stood in top position in the Cigar Aficionado's top 25 cigars of the year. Cuba has created some fantastic brands since Cohiba opened their gates in the 1980's, however the new world brands are taking the world by storm. A lot of smokers I know have actually changed to new world smokes for their consistency and flavour profiles! If you haven't tried a new world cigar yet make sure you check out our range here!

I hope this gives you an idea of what not to ask a cigar smoker. Now where's my cigar...