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5 things you need to know about cutters

Georgina Learmonth


Like cigars, cutters come in all shapes and sizes, offering all sorts of cuts. But what really is the difference between a V cut and a guillotine cut? Does quality make a difference to the overall smoking experience? And do you really need one? Carry on reading this article where it's all broken down into 5 facts all about cigar cutters.

Different Cutter Styles

That's right, there's more cut styles than just the standard guillotine cut. There are V cuts, Punch Cuts and slanted cut. Choosing your preferred style is personal preference and some people prefer certain cuts for different cigars. The way you decide to cut your cigar may slightly affect the draw and flavour you get from your stick. A punch cut is a small hole which is punched into the head; this offers a much tighter draw. Some prefer this as the small hole it makes leaves the cap of the cigar mostly intact which prevents the wrapper from unravelling during smoking.

A V cut allows you to make a wedge cut into the cap of the cigar this gives your cigar great circulation and will reduce the bitterness experienced by smokers who use a different style of cutting tool.

And then the standard guillotine cut will make a clean slice through the cap of your cigar, this cutting style is the most popular and known by the majority of cigar smokers. This will give you a larger air passage, allowing you to really enjoy each and every flavour your smoke has to offer.

You don't have to use a cutter

It's true - not everyone uses cigar cutters, some prefer to use house hold objects, such as, knives, their teeth or even a pen or pencil. Although this isn't recommended as using a knife may get a bit dangerous and you may not get a precise cut but some people prefer it this way - rustic.

The different cut styles do alter the character of a cigar

As mentioned with the different cut styles, depending on the cutter you use this may slightly affect the character of your cigar. Not only will the head be different which will affect what it feels like in the mouth, there will be a different draw. Punch cutters have a tighter draw as the air passage is not as large, this cut may also make the smoke seem slightly fuller in strength than compared to a guillotine cut. Whereas a guillotine cut will offer a slightly more medium bodied smoke as a lot more smoke is passed through and enters the mouth. It's all about finding the best cut style for you and how you like your smoke. A V cut won't essentially affect the taste and draw of the cigar but it will alter how it feels in the mouth, some don't like the feel of this cut so tend to avoid it. Winston Churchill didn't use a cutter

That's right; Winston Churchill didn't even use a cutter for his cigars. Churchill preferred to moisten the head of his cigar and poke a hole through the cap with an extra-long wooden match; he would then blow through this hole to ensure the cigar would draw. This method may sound pretty bizarre and unnecessarily tedious to some but Churchill done this to each of his cigars for many years.

Quality does matter

When it comes to choosing what cutter you want, quality does matter! This doesn't mean you have to break the bank to purchase one but getting the perfect cut on your well-loved cigar is important. What's the point in splurging on a cigar, getting ready to sit back and enjoy it to then do a disappointing cut? Some budget cutters tend to be more blunt, this may affect how the cutter performs, causing it to not cut through but to damage the end. Or if you're using a punch cutter, it may pull more off the cigar than expected. If you are an aficionado when it comes to cigars, it is definitely worth spending a little bit extra on your cutter to get the perfect, sharp cut each and every time! Check out our range of cigar cutters here: