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5 Characters You'll Find at Every Herf

James Peasley


Every herf, cigar party, function or event is sure to be attended by some, if not all, of these different types of people. Do any names spring to mind as you read?

Mr Name Drop
He's been to every function and met every celebrity, he's played live at Woodstock and probably even cooked the meal for the last supper. This guy knows everyone and has the story to back it up! Some of his stories are entertaining, but after the 10th time of hearing how Fidel Castro once gifted him an Esplendidos... it starts to grate on you.

Mr Flash
Walk in, keys on the coffee table, Dupont lighter and Dunhill White Spot cutter in hand with a rolex on the wrist, Behike sticking out of the top pocket. Mr Flash likes to make an entrance... but do we care?

Mr Scrounge
Do you mind if I take one of those? Could I just grab another one? Any chance I could get a free...? No, no you can't. I offered you a small taster of my Dalmore Quintessence as you kept pestering me, but whilst pouring the third large glass, I can now taste my own tears. Know where the line is, most people are happy to share... but there's a limit!

Mr Generous
Don't despair though, Mr Generous is here! And what's that? He's brought with him a whole box of those Regional Editions he mentioned last time, and he's sharing them out! What a nice guy he is, next time I must remember a gift in return

Mr "World of the Habano"
He's read the World of the Habano book cover-to-cover multiple times. He really knows his sh*t. He can sometimes be a great source of information and fact checking but he does leave you thinking... there is more to life.

Mr Worldwide