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Halloween Treats

5 Cigars to pair with your favourite Halloween treats

Georgina Learmonth


Avo Syncro Nicaragua and Milky way

Yes pairing cigars with rich, dark chocolate is well known and very popular but what about the creamy and light flavours of a Milky Way? Well, these flavours are made for each other. The Avo Syncro cigars are chocolately from start to finish with a medium body. The perfect balance of earth and cedar is noticeable throughout which brings the smoke a great freshness and creaminess to it. Similar to the Milky Way, the filling inside the smooth chocolate gives a creamy greatness on the palate.

Avo Syncro

Inka and Strawberry Laces

This is one of my favourites, Inka cigars are known for the unique sweetness and tangy flavours they deliver, they really are one of a kind. Not only that, you have the choice of the silky, dark Maduro wrapper or the light natural wrapper. Try these two together and excite your senses. This one may be a hit or miss, depending if you like the tangy flavours exciting the taste buds or whether you pull the Tangfastic face.

Inka Laces

Davidoff WC Late Hour & Liquor Chocolate

Now, you will be very lucky if you have the kids out trick or treating and they come back with some liquor chocolate but there's no harm in getting the treats in yourself and enjoying them... is there? Chocolate is a popular choice to pair with your favourite smokes, the silkiness and richness of the chocolate just truly helps deliver all the flavours the smoke has to offer. But we're not just talking about bitter dark chocolate; yes that's right, have the pleasure of chocolate and a dram in one. The Davidoff WC Late hour offer rich and robust flavours of black pepper, dark coffee and a slight hint of sweetness, perfect with the smooth and milky taste of chocolate with the undertone of liquor.

Late Hour

Padron 2000 Maduro and Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the go to for all you sweet tooth, cigar lovers out there. The bitterness compliments cigars well, yet the creamy and smooth tastes and texture of the chocolate helps develop the flavours and create something wonderful on the palate. The Padron 2000 paired with cigars is a wonderful mix, particularly with a Maduro wrapper. These Maduro wrappers offer a much richer and complex flavour, especially to the tip of the tongue and the lips.

Padron Dark Chocolate

Montecristo & Liquorice

Montecristos' are known for their spicy kick from start to finish and if you haven't tried a Montecristo before, have you been living under a rock? So we're pairing one of the most famous Habanos with liquorice. Like Montecristo, there are loads and loads to choose from when you open a bag of liquorice, the excitement your taste buds will undergo will keep you wanting more with this pair.

Montecristo Liquorice

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween; whether you are celebrating (or hiding away). Remember though, cigars and candy aren't just for Halloween ;)
Happy Halloween